Spineguard Keep

This stronghold has stood and protected this side of the mountain range for as long as most can remember and is a symbol for human perseverance.

The noble in charge and most of his troops have been repositioned North to assist in the conflicts occurring there, which means the castle currently holds only a small number of men at arms and many survivors of the fire at Titan’s Gate that are eager to move on as soon as possible.

The keep stands atop a small hill, surrounded by what seems endless grasslands. It is built out of sturdy stone that bears a few cracks, clearly illustrating that the keep has fallen victim to time. The keep holds a single spire in the far left corner and a large wooden gate just across the bridge that closes a small gap between the hill path and Spineguard.

The current captain of Spineguard is Avelia Grantham, who has little time for nonsense and hopes to see her superiors return soon.

Spineguard Keep

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