A small village that grows crop for the nearby settlements, which are now limited to Spineguard Keep.

The village, due to it’s dangerous position, is surrounded by a wooden palisade and several watchtowers that are quick to spot approaching threats, so that the garrison that is usually present in the village can step into action in time.

Redknife, strangely, was built around an old, non functional dwarven golem that has a red knife embedded in it’s head. Each morning, the villagers gather around this entity and stand in silence for several minutes, to pay respect to his sacrifice. Supposedly this ritual brings luck to the whole village.

There’s one inn in the village. The Rusty Hook, a one-story sea shanty with a basement. It is cobbled together from the debris of sunken ships. No one knows how the ships got so far inland. It has collapsed twice, caught fire half a dozen times. It has a crooked bar covered in stains and sticky with beer. The air is stale and there are cobwebs visible in the corners. Dust, cobwebs, mildew and rot permeate the place. It’s barkeep, a human named Edwar Eggart is covered in burn scars. His wife, Hilda is a pleasant human lady, with a bit of a mustache and messy brown hair tied into a bun.


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